Getting to Know San Diego

We’re looking forward to hosting SAA’s 76th Annual Meeting in San Diego.  To help plan your visit, there are several useful resources on the web worth checking out:

  1. San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau – full of tons of information, FAQS, maps, and guides, including a Vacation Planning Kit
  2. Union-Tribune – for local news, weather, tickets
  3. San Diego Metro Transit Systemmaps and timetables, fare information, trip planner, how to ride guide, and routes to points of interest and fun places to go
  4. Foder’s San Diego Travel Guide – sights, restaurants, hotels, entertainment, shopping, travel tips, top to-do lists, and itineraries
  5. CityBeat – weekly entertainment guide with music, arts, events, and eats

and stay tune for more blog posts from the Host Committee.


About saa2012sd

Welcome to Beyond Borders: San Diego 2012! Consider this blog to be the detailed companion about local San Diego attractions, restaurants, and other fun things! Please refer to the larger meeting site for the 76th Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archivists information at the official SAA page:
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3 Responses to Getting to Know San Diego

  1. Anonymous archivist says:

    Dear local arrangements:

    When I go to SAA the first thing I look for is caffeine (non-hotel, non-$5-Starbucks) within a quick walking distance of the hotel. If I’m going to sneak out of a session for a quick bite, where should I go? Have you got anyone who knows the area? Where’s a cheap coffee fix–or lunch, or breakfast–within walking distance? Oodles of thanks if you can tell me!

    • saa2012sd says:

      Yes, the host committee is preparing a dining guide with coffee, breakfast, and quick bites near the hotel. It’s in the works now. We’ve also started a google map showing those places, which we’ll announce on the blog once it’s ready. Stay tune for more!

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