Bike San Diego (Or Simply Enjoy Watching Others Exert Themselves!)

Cycling is a great way to explore San Diego. There are plenty of places to rent bikes and/or schedule guided tours. Near the conference hotel:

Electric bike rentals & tours –

Bike rentals & tours –

For those who want to check out the cycling scene or explore on their own, here are some places to start:

San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, (includes maps & routes) –

Bike San Diego –

And, for those of you who like cycling but would rather watch others work out, Tuesday night racing at the Velodrome might be just the thing…


Racers at the San Diego Velodrome
                            (Flickr/protorio/Creative Commons)

San Diego’s current Velodrome was built in 1976 and hosts Tuesday night racing from April through September each year, starting @ 6:30 pm. The races attract a great mix of cycling veterans, families and local hipsters. The setting is very intimate, and if you want, you are able to stand right next to the track wall and feel the speed and wind from the racers inches away. The spectating is free and it isn’t uncommon to see people show up with a bottle of wine and a pizza. Often after racing, cyclists come up into the bleachers to join their family and friends in the crowd and partake in the picnicking.

Located in Morley Field, the Velodrome is an easy cab, bus, or bike ride away from the conference hotel.

San Diego Velodrome Association –


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