Parking Advice for Commuters

If you’ve driven in downtown San Diego, you know that parking can be an issue. Most streets are metered, but parking lots are plentiful. Those of you planning on driving to the conference on a daily basis may want to check out this website:

It shows you the rates for parking lots, searchable by time of day as well as by neighborhood. Make sure to check the details of each lot before paying. Some lot fees only get you parking privileges during business hours or are for a flat six to eight hours.  Also, if there is a Padres game, rates will be higher.

Of course, if you’d rather avoid downtown traffic, public transportation is an option. The trolley, which has several free commuter lots, stops within blocks of the conference hotel.

If money is no object, there is parking available in the conference hotel’s garage. It’s convenient and offers great access to the hotel and the pedestrian bridge, but does cost $38 per day. However, pay that rate up front and you do get in and out privileges for the day.


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1 Response to Parking Advice for Commuters

  1. Annie R says:

    Traffic will be heavy (and parking at a premium) when Padres host home games on Monday at Tuesday (August 6th and 7th) at 7:05 pm and afternoon game on Wednesday, August 8th at 3:35 pm

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